About items and dps

So I find myself yet again looking at an item (main hand weapon) with way higher dps than what I am using and I am wondering… If I am currently speced to use certain skills based upon my main hands spells it grants me, right now I have a weapon that deals 47000 dps and I am speced for those skills it grants (pierce and twister) but I find golexes gauntlet with clearly better dps but the skills are different (blast and twister) does my current hero points Grant my current main hand weapon an advantage when viewing the main UI’s dps comparison?
Cronos showed me some info about this in that main dps on the item is the main thing coupled with a few other factors but did not touch upon my hero levels shwing a difference in the UI dps chart.

TL:DR basically the weapon im using i spent points on its skills and I found a weapon with clearly better stats yet it shows a huge dps loss. They share the same elemental function and neither are boosted my my set items as far as I can tell… So does my hero levels of skills skew dps when comparing two weapons one of which should be better but doesn’t show it in the main UI due to my hero skills supporting the inferior weapon?

Thanks for answering in advance. I’m preparing some screen shots of my build so I can get some fees back. About to spend a few bucks on the game and would love a few questions answered before I blow it without the proper knowlege

Thanks dam

Your TLDR is almost as long as your original statement, haha. It may be due to affixes. Screenshots would be helpful. :smile: I don’t believe that your hero points in the abilities would effect that, especially with it being two different abilities on the weapon. I might be wrong though.

My TL:DR was almost as long lol! I was slightly inebriated :confused: haha
Thanks for the info. I’m actually getting a grasp on the game. In fact, I just about got it all down… Just about…