About Maps

Is there a way i can reach my highest floor without using maps? I had reached floor 300+ but i lost my map and i don’t wanna start from 200 again.

actually nvm, im supposed to convert it, just discovered


Yes convert. Costs money though. :joy:

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Exactly sir badwolf :+1:

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I would suggest saving a Map for floor 500-510 for farming for Crystals & Myth Stones. another map for floor 1000-1010 if you are interested in getting all the items in your LegendEx & Eternals. and one last map for the floor you are currently on if it over 1000 and you are Climbing Floors.

sometimes if I am tired, I forget to get the map, and have to convert again. the floor 500 ones are tough, because if I forget it, converting doesn’t always get me close enough to 500, so I end up having to speed run up to 500.

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