About my account issue

hi im 4play…

i have a conversation before in one of your team tdaniel to ask about what happen now in my account… why still put in a banned this is one of the devs say…

You have purchased items which are not accounted for.

The only purchases that are on this account “Email deleted” are the following:
1 Character slot (your currently have two character slots unlocked)
1 Night Blade Armor skin
1 Demon Wing
1 Horn
1 Premium Stash
You have other items unlocked as well that you do not have purchase transactions for.

yes because i buy a MASK which is gold only using to buy that not money in 1.7 version!.. and my 2 slot issue? i buy that before in my old account which is i forget :frowning:
as you can see sir TDANIEL… i buy all of this just to support this game but in the end my account was put in a banned like what you said… "some account are automatic ban? what kind of game is this? is that my problem to fix that auto ban?

after all that i buy, my account was put in a banned? is that not enough to prove your team to being legit player? if your team still not satisfied… just bring back my money and i will stop to support this game…

my account in DQ is not same account in my google account thats why not registered rigth? is that also your team reason to make your system made “auto banned”?

As @tdaniel has said in the past he would be more then happy to communicate with you through the support email or through DM :smile:

I am closing this because this type of thread has turned into a festering hate pit on multiple occasions recently and I would like to avoid this. He shall respond when he gets online :smile: