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Hi there everyone! :grin: Can someone please explain to me how Mythic Harmony works? I do not understand it fully. I’m confused about the description in the Dictionary. Thanks for noticing.

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for example: MP Regeneration 1,000 & HP Regeneration 1,000. if you are in a fight using up MP and losing HP from enemy hits, what Harmony does is, while your HP Regeneration is replacing HP, it is also replacing MP +250 (25% of HP Regeneration) until the HP is fully recovered. when your MP Regeneration is replacing your MP, it is also replacing your HP +250 (25% of MP Regeneration) until MP is fully recovered. if just means your HP/MP is getting replenished faster during and after a battle. this works with Regeneration and on Hit affixes. not sure how it works with other forms of Healing and MP Replacement, as I haven’t gotten that far with my crafting skills and testing.


I’m still somewhat confused in the process of Harmony works haha. But I do get it now. Thank you so much sir. :grin:

ahh, well, to make is simpler, Harmony heals the other HP/MP with 25% of what is being replaced. so if I had 1 MP Regen 500, whenever it is replacing MP, if my HP is low, it will Regenerate 125 HP. if I had 2 HP on HIt 500, when it is replacing HP, if my MP is low, it will also replace 125 MP on hit. you wont go over your max, but it helps get your HP/MP back faster.
on my farm build, I have 250 MP on hit. if my HP is down, it gets replaced with 62 HP on Hit every time my attack hits for the 250 MP on Hit.
Edit: so, if my Storm goes off with 5 monsters in it, as long as they’re alive and in the Storm, I am getting 1250 MP total every .25 seconds for 5 second, or until the monsters die. and I am also getting 310 HP total every .25 seconds for 5 seconds, or until the monsters die. but only if my MP or HP is not at max.


Heals HP by 25% of Restored MP

Restores HP by 25% of Healed HP

So basically it is a way to restore a bit of HP as you restore MP. If you restore 250 MP, 25% of that is healed as HP so 62.5 HP for e.g.

Then if you restore HP by say 250 HP, you heal 25% of that into HP which is an extra 62.5 HP.

If you used MP Absorb, this could play quite well too. Reduce 20% of DMG with Permafrost (3) and have that into MP. Say you heal 2000 MP from you being dealt 10k DMG. Then 25% of that is healed into HP so 500 HP at least.

Although it also does it vice versa according to Mythic page of dictionary.
With Regen and on hit effects, Harmony works the same way except it ends up calculating more based on how much you regen or HP gained by hits and can be very effective.

I almost called it a mini alchemy based on how it works on my PvP build for regen but it doesn’t do it justice since Alchemy deals with HP and MP as a resource system instead of just MP and alchemy would do it in 100% rather than 25% like if you gain 2000MP with mp absorb , you also gain 2000 HP.

Alchemy has the other issue of being most effective if you can equalise HP and MP and if your low on HP, MP is treated like HP and MP. Or the other way where if low on MP, HP is treated like mana. Immortal build does use alchemy because it can act like doubled HP as both are resource systems that work together. MP Absorb , Regen and looping to heal back HP and MP to prevent death.
That’s not to say Alchemy + Harmony isn’t possible, it is but its up to your build and to decide whether its worth the slots. Harmony could be one of the other boosts to alchemy just like HP on hit, regen, or other factors depending on the build you make.
I used harmony + Permafrost Bonus + Druidic bonus and high AR on my discordance orb rogue with some damage to make it tanky. I don’t get the same effects as immortal build but it sort of is there.


oh! does Harmony work with MP Absorb? I was wondering about that and was contemplating doing some testing, but if you know, please share! :eyes:

Yep. Tested :slight_smile: .


cool! I have a build in mind for PVP, using some of the info from Mr. Scooty’s Immortal Reveal Thread.


Many thanks guys! I’m thinking what you’re thinking now @Golem :grin:

I do get it now. This is so awesome. Additional learning again :grin::grin: Thank you so much sir @CuzegSpiked