About Mythic Resource System

check this out guys . anyone can help about this .

When You have Equivalence “mythic skills” and you have Bloodmagic “set” your reduced damage taken/resource cost by 60% in equivalence will be useless ? am i right ? bcoz of the blood magic means your mp will replace in hp . so you have no more hp/mp equality , bcoz of bloodmagic ?

so it means when i have equivalence i dont need to put bloodmagic ?

When you use both, only one works. Resource systems are only working one at the time so you can’t use what would be nice combo, alchemy and equivalence.

but the bloodmagic i plan to put is green affix “set affix”

you will not able to put 2 mythic resource system right ?

You can’t put 2 resource systems, but if you wan’t to use one, its better that you use mythic for that becouse you save one green affix for something that can be more useful. You don’t need to change to energy, but imo you should change blood magic to at least mythic blood magic so you can use another green affix.

o thanks :grin:

can i put equivalence in my ring and alchemy in my head ?

wiki says you cannot take 2 mythic skill resource system .

You can but one of them will not work. So it’s like you can’t ;D

why u say equivalence and alchemy is a nice combo . haha !

Becouse it would be if they would work together :stuck_out_tongue: Just my dreams :smiley: