About restore purchase

hi… I want to restore my purchase to my new account… which is already have account before… if I restore my previous purchase to my new account there would be no problem even if I have account before?

Yup you should be fine restoring purchases to accounts not owned by you though would result in an in game ban of all of the accounts restorned to :slight_smile: :+1:

even if I have account on before? I mean… for example my old account is [removed to protect user privacy] but I create new and I want to restore that history purchase in my new account… is it ok??

Yup you should be good as long as you’re restoring to an account that’s yours the feature was made for this exact purpose :slight_smile:

yup thats mine… my only concerned is… if I do that I want to make sure …that later on there will be a problem and soon my new account put in ban… thats why im asking… anyway thanks…

You should be good the restores are watched so that people don’t hand out purchases to 600 of there closest friends but it was made so that people could get their purchases back if they decided to make a new account :smile:

thank you… now I will restore my purchase history to my new account… thanks a lot for that info… now I dont have any doubt about restore purchase… :slight_smile:

:+1: always glad to help out :partyparrot:

600? I think its impossible :confused:

hey bro hilario montemayor… its me tom :slight_smile:

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This is a good info for those planning to make a 2nd account…

@tdaniel this is the topic which im trying to tell you on my daugthers account why she got a free 3ed slot. Incase you forget its a bug on restore purchse like ive told you.

Restore purchase is a function in the game to help paying players restore some of their purchases. Not all purchases can be restored (like pets, gold, boosts).

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