About Salvaging

im having a problem in crystals specifically
when i want to salvage a few hundreds of crystal, but the thing i only get to choose between salvaging from 1 to the number i want or start backwards which is 1000 usually.
can we not just click and type the number of crystals we want to salvage specifically,i mean its pretty hard clicking to much just to get like 100-300 lol

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No you cant I wish we could lol but it would be a good addition to help save time instead of tapping the > button 100-300 times lol

Hoped this helped :heart:

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there were some requests to add a slider bar or window to salvage faster about a year ago, but I think that was when work started on DQ 2. but that is still a great request. I try not to Salvage too often just because my thumbs give me a dirty look every time I need Crystals or Myth Stones.


I like how you worded it lol

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