About set afix cap

I have the nadroji amulet and the nadroji ring whit +2 set afix, and then i apply the mystone that add + 2 set afix but in that moment i didnt know about the cap :frowning: is there a form to pass over the cap? Or i just waste a lv 99 mystone? :cry:

mayhem but set set max cap is 5

no way to go over the cap. Just remove the elixir using granite

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:pensive: one week of farming for nothing xD mybad

OHH!!! i dont know that the garnet give me back the elixir i never used this gem before xDDD

yeah yeah garnet not granite my bad :smile:

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so if i removed any socketed item… it will give back the mythstone i added??


im just wondering what mythstone has a effect of +2 set affix?

Elixer :smile:

and what is elixer?

where can i find it? what is the lvl of that mythstone?

and you can find it anywhere but it is most common above floor 500 :smile:

thx dude i though zenith is the last mythstone. buy the way do you use rogue?

Occasionally but I’m mainly a wizard player :smile:

oh tnx. just need to increase my damage regarding boombard. but dunno what affix do i need.XD tnx

from what you posted I would suggest saving up a stuff until you hit 2 elixers and then you will probably have enough crystals at that point that we can give you some much better help :smile:

Unfortunately, +all set is capped to 4 :smiley: But you can always remove the mythstone with garnet