About the Legend Design Contest

Moved this discussion to a new thread to avoid clutter on the Contest Thread :smile:

There’s still a great reason to have Legends, and that’s availability. When you see the list of Crystals and see all the powerful things you can do, also keep in mind that those later Crystals are very rare, like finding the right Legend Pet rare.

Legends will still remain a useful tool for players since they are relatively easy to find, and can add a lot of player power, and they don’t require a lot of game knowledge to use.

So imagine a scale of items that are weighted by “Power”, and they should line up with their “Availability”:
[ul][li]Naturally good Epics ( easy to find )[/li]
[li]Naturally good Legends ( relatively easy to find )[/li]
[li]Naturally good Rare Legends ( somewhat hard to find )[/li]
[li]Well Crafted Epics/Well Crafted Legends ( between somewhat hard to find/create and really hard to find/create )[/li]
[li]Crystal Items ( Any item with Crystal Affix ) / Mythic Items ( coming in 1.6.1 ) ( very hard to find/create )[/li][/ul]

So yeah, you could see the last item and say “well everything below it is useless”, but really the items are important stepping stones in the player’s item progression. :smile:

We’re actually building in cross-class perks into Mythic items, with talents that can dramatically change builds like this. They would be more generic like “all summoned objects becomes spirits” so it can apply to any class very easily. Any more ideas like this are totally welcome and could potentially get added for 1.6.1 ( which is starting to be in development ).

“Knockback distance” will actually be a perk of investing the Bash skill for 1.6.1’s Hero System along with additional crit chance. We’re still working out the perks for each skill investment, but the plan is to make dedicating points to skills extremely useful.

Well, it sounds like y’all have thought of everything. Looking forward to it all!