About torrent bunos

Guys please need your help on how to activate torrent Bunos on PvP.tnx

cerebral vortex or torrent proc

I mean cerebral vortex

Put ‘resource cost’ affix (needs at least 25% ). Obtainable via crystal Ruby (legend affix) or Obsidian (Crystal affix), with max rolls 15% and 45% respectively. Or through mythstone Wisdom.

u need ephipany set affix on pvp to proc bonus torrent dmg since resource cap in pvp is 24% and u ned 25% to activate it.

45%crystal resource 6xwisdom nature w/ ephipany affix on pvp to activate it

once someone hit you the cerebral vortex will activate it depends on the % of chance :smiley:

Wow thanks for the help guys I know get it…:smile:

Cerabral vortex…this is a proc? Tks

yes @4evertin it is indeed a proc. but the mechanics is diff. like @eater said 25%chance to proc torrent at the attackers location(15%proc on pvp) very useful in pvp

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