Accension perk

Just back after a few months break. Can anyone tell me what would be a good starting accension perk? I’m leaning towards the luck or the eternal.
I’ve searched the topics and it’s not popping up. I’m exciting to begin the new adventure! Anyone mind filling me in or pointing me in the right direction?
Some help would be great or a link to the previous conversation would rock.
Thanks !!!


Dealer is great if you need the gold, for leveling up to ascend again quickly you can look here Tip for leveling from 1-50 in one floor, any Ascension, no Quest Mythstones necessary

Choose the enshrined perk first, that way you will gain experience faster, which you will need to reach the max level 99 in no time, since the floor will always give you double shrines and double wells. P.S. you need to have a hunter mythic for it to work. In order for epic monsters to apear if you know what u mean. Goodluck.

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*If you know what i mean!.