Account download issue re:exp gained

After the 1.7 patch and of course play it then upload my account to save data…but when I used other device and download my save date…my exp gained is back to zero…how was that…I been playing dq since beta version thats why my account is on the top 100…please help me retrieve my lost exp gained…more power dq team and god bless!!

Please fix this issue…this is rhe 1st time happen to me :’(

Hmmmm so the switching devices is what caused that for you. Ok, can you tell me if you were using android or iOS?

Now sir its on my android…from iOs transfer to android…is there any way to retrieve my exp gained? Im not saving /sync my account now hoping for you guys to help retrive my exp gained…more power guys godbless…


We are looking at a few save file issues now. With any luck we can add it to our update/bug patch for (subbing/releasing) this week

Thanks sir Im looking forward to it… Im saving my data now… More power guys!! God bless! Ill just wait for your update thanks… :sunglasses:

Good Day Sir…its not only the exp gained back to zero…even my floors are back to zero im on at floor 611 ep8 :frowning:
Please help fix it :frowning:

I-am have you emailed me yet?