Account help please


My friend give me his old acc and i think is not that legit.
Anyways fix it






Make new hero and play


@Bizarro_Stormy love that commercial…

@1574490CL I sent you a few emails the other night walking you through the process. If it is still an issue you may have to start a new account.


@tdaniel I have an idea to announce DQ2 release. When the time comes give everyone free party vanities to announce it.


So you could have balloons etc. But it would be cool. And send some tempting screen shots with no extra explanations prior to the event


oh we will scream it from the mountain tops when its ready!!!



I’ve been on that mountain as a teenager on a school holiday to Austria.


4 real? was it awesome?




@1574490CL if @tdaniel help doesn’t work, and you still have concerns about the account not being legit, better to start your own account so you don’t have those worries any more. DQ should be fun, not causing stress, except for Malum Worms. if his help did work, enjoy DQ!