Account information disappeared

Hey guys I finally managed to get on my phone and signed into my TehLeetHaxxx@gmail profile… but when I went to download my characters it showed my account as having no characters…

Logged into your account and saw a level 99 warrior, 27 wiz, and 31 wiz, so your characters aren’t gone thankfully. Will have to get tdaniel to log into a phone similar to yours to see if there’s any phone specific issue, again.

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for putting up with me man… I know this device is getting quite tedious…

Hey leet…When you DL what happens? are all of your slots empty?

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Won’t let me dl at all… hangs at downloading account. However, the account info thing(on the right where you click to download from server) shows three empty slots on each side.

Yeah I can screenshot it, this is what I meant on my post before. I rolled back to the patch to make a video and saw that I could upload my characters or download them that way. This is part of the reason why I wish I would have backed up or though. :confused:

Affixes that did not exist in simply don’t appear. When you re-update, they reappear so going back to the non-testing patch would be perfectly fine to download/upload.

As you can see I have Motorola atrix MB886 HD, so if you have a different device then it seems it isn’t entirely a single device issue.
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Want to make double sure, if you’re on a test patch, don’t upload your account if you plan on reverting back to 1.4.0. Downloading back to 1.4.0 will break items ( and a client version guard/check will protect against you doing this once 1.4.1 releases ).

Oh gotcha, I won’t go back to it again. I just did it one time to make that video (without showing any new items) I may do an alternate account for now to do videos instead. Thanks for all the hard work by the way!

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