Achievement for today thanks to all of your help



good job bro @dontcallmeidol. keep pushing to Division 1. :+1:

thanks bro @kiane_zaine …i try my best to go there hope i can :rofl:

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you can do it. i know you can :eyes: @dontcallmeidol

your my inspiration to my build im using storm and torrent to my build :wink:

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Keep pushing to Div 1 I know you can do it if you keep up that hard work
If it wouldn’t trouble you inform us when you reach it :smile:

@Kkiree i think i cant go to div 1 i have a phone prblem always hangging on a match so said :cry: …i just give them a free points to rank up lol :triumph:

go go go @dontcallmeidol

@D_MESSIAH thanks bro i hope i can but i need to buy new cp 1st so that no more hang or lag :joy:

@dontcallmeidol i want to face other players in div 1…

@D_MESSIAH good luck to me when im facing you in a match i think i cant win my build is so weak

@dontcallmeidol my AI build is weak also!!! specially in tank build and HDR build…

@D_MESSIAH but your build is not hdr now ryt?because you use that vampiric pet …your build is counter to my build i cant go near to you just like anti immo build …

yeah, i feel you bro. the Force Close/Not Responding issue will automatically Defeated you on Arena and losing MMR. hope they will fix this issue someday.

@kiane_zaine lol i thought this is my phone problem becoz this phone is old model want to throw it many times :rofl:

@dontcallmeidol. it happens to me also. but not often. so i think its not on your phone.

you are right @dontcallmeidol but that build in my AI is not enough to maintain my spot in div 1…

@kiane_zaine ok then i think thats my phone problem becoz its always happen to me when i try to play to other cp its not happening sorry if my english is bad

I really hop you can fix that phone problem bc without it I know you could climb up ez

@Kkiree fixing this phone is waste of money i prepare buy new model …thanks for your concern bro :wink:

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