Active players in ETERNAL DIV'S! OCTOBER 2018


IGN: D_MESSIAH:sunglasses:


IGN: joymhel_20 :sunny:


Active here :raising_hand_man: but not in div1


for all active players in eternal league…


i just want to know if how many players playing and active in battle arena…


@D_MESSIAH yeah, everyday. same faces on Div 1. @Mr_Scooty, you @D_MESSIAH, @FairyTail (makarov) wangbuh, Kachan, eiya. @flasher13, we want something new. :joy: i miss those Immortal Wiz. :joy:


sometimes we can encounter other IGN, but he or she is a cheater, edited gears…


@D_MESSIAH you’re talking about 2V2. im not surprised if you encountered a cheater on 2V2. :smile:


yeah!!! you are right @kian_zaine


Division 4 to 5. Name nastyone


ign:dontcallmeidol.8.16.18 div 4-5


ign: Bisinti
as far as I remember I’m in div3


Wait for it!:wink:


MzJoker. just got back into Eternal League recently. my first character was a Rogue, and I thought the name would make a good joke. but then I found out I couldn’t change my Arena name, so the joke ended up being on me. :blush: x :100:. my 2v2 finally got into Mythic League after being in Legend League for a long time.


im inactive for many months :sunglasses: may last update to my build in the division 1 is sept. 20 until now he is on div 1 waiting to drop again so i can update again :star_struck:


@flasher sometimes your build can kill in first round in my HDR build… good build!!! :sunglasses:


@flasher, the build of your rogue gunner is the build of your Wizard before? am i right?


@flasher13 one of the most unique build on arena. :+1:


Hello there.


yup almost the same build with may wiz