Ad for "free boost" not appearing after click. BUG?

Hey all,

Been lurking on forums and playing the game for around a month now, and I am kind of sad this is my first post (as I wanted it to be something more epic), but I want to know if there are any fixes out there.

I finally got a decent build that works in both PVE and PVP and have been rushing to eternal the last couple days and I am very nearly there. But recently (last day-ish) when I click on the ad to get the +15 points, the box goes away and nothing happens; no ad, and no boost. This has also happened before in PVE.

Now, from searching from past posts, I understand that ads dont work on some machines (like a kindle). Maybe this has been fixed, I don’t know, I play on IOS and Android. That is not my problem. Another thing I have come across is the internet connection. I have played without internet, and it acts the exact same. From what I understand you need an internet connection both before and after the load screen, which I have, through both a WIFI and my phone carrier. Thus, I can get PVP matches quickly and reliably. But it still isnt working.

So, it is my perception that the problem lies either within the connection of the network or the ad provider itself. Or somewhere in-between? Any suggestions, does anyone else experience this and have a way to fix it? I really want those boosts to speed up this process as I have been in the past.

Love the game!

Much love <3

Hey! Thank you for the bug report. Sorry about your issue! The devs are currently working on it. Please be patience.

It’s started working again, hehe. It’s an on and off type thing.

And it’s no problem, as I realize stuff happens :smile: