Add packsize to your maps ;)

Hello ladies and germs :slight_smile: when farming cartographers use Larimar to add random affix with a small chance to get packsize (50-200%) it will boost your overall farming time tenfold!!! More loot and gold and crystal drops :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


yea… but it will lag my game… so thanks… lol…

Already doing it but kinda waste of crystal for me haha so im just buying a map haha…anyway thanks for sharing info it give some info to other player keep up

I wish I had gold to buy map after map haha I usually only use gold for converting legends into crystal, as far as I know I have never seen the packsize on a map without using a Larimar, never seen with bought map etc, I think it’s worth the crystals :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope not interested in pack size tho xD haha im just looking a map with high luck/gold ^^

With packsize you will make more gold and items and crystals then you could possibly imagine :smiley:

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Well your well luck/gold+pack size haha nice idea

I actually agree that packsize really helps a lot, a map with packsize is like a legendary map, tho sometimes it will be lag and a ton of monsters (thats why i use aftermath build) most of the time i get a crystal legend or eternal legend from the map

Most of the items i get i just convert to crystal

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

You can use diamonds too re-roll the affixes to get packsize to a % you are comfortible with :slight_smile: I find I do better on maps with packsize then I do on legendary maps… Only if legend maps had packsize… Lol

If you can’t afford packsize map, farm packsize and if you have million whether you farmed packsize or not, buy as many map you can and use many larimars if you have so many that you won’t use. It can turn into a loophole where you do packsize map, buy map with the gold you earned from said packsize map and get load of packsize map if your lucky and so on. Ofc, to make profit, after you spent lot of gold for packsize map, farm regualr gold until you make more than you spent gold. Afterwards,


This is what I do when I have excess larimars and gold. To make maximum benefit of this, have max item drops 200%, gold find 650% and optional luck 650%. The larimars are the issue usualy but the gold to buy cheap map isn’t as long as you play below floor 200 which I do anyway atm.

Does anyone else have the issue with the device where it can’t handle the packsize map? I have to kill things as they’re off the map so my game doesn’t crash.

I must have terrible luck adding packsize…I’ve used 34 Larimars over the past 2 days, and only gotten packsize affix once. Is that normal or particularly low RNG?

RNG, technically, could never give you Packsize. That’s highly unlikely, but possible. Just keep trying. :smile:

Sometimes I get packsize 2 maps in a row and sometimes I don’t see packsize after 10 maps :slight_smile: the rng gods can be cruel sometimes lol

And yea when I have a high packsize my game slows way the hell down and sometimes very annoying but worth it :ok_hand: legendary maps suck now

I still prefer legendary maps. If only you could get Packsize on them.

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I manage to get 2 packsize so far.
And it seems to be 3% chance to have it, spend lots of crystals and maps to achieve this…

Kash, you have no luck haha

The only extent of adding packsize on legendary map is using the monster spawn boost from adverts or purchased which gives 100% packsize boost as well as 100% chance to spawn Enslavers and Cartographers. Best for legend maps because more gold, more legends, possibly more rarer crystals as wdll as guaranteed increased chance to get legend pet or eternal oet out kf the normal pet chances.

I Only ever use an ad boost like monster spawn to make the most of a legend map. Another way to do it is play legend map when kill enslavers is nearly completed and you get a guaranteed chance for legend pet which could turn eternal as a higher chance in legend map or when collect legend map is at 24 and you try legend map for chances of eternal maps as well as destroy cartographers 99/100 to also increase chances for an eternal map.

Just ideas I thought of when I use legend maps. For packsize, I normally do it with ad boost like gold find. I do use crystal find on legend map to mix with crystal rarity and having crystalline and if feat of crystals is complete, legend map is also good to increase chances as well as if feat of mythstones get completed on legend map. Many many possibilities and even higher possibilities if you use eternal map and in 2.1, even more possibilities.

I know…

Cool cool thats good. Just sayin stuff because I was glad to share on forums.