Add pet that loot item and gold and pet that loot crystal

Add pet that loot all or loot crystal and must one

That might not be a bad idea. They could either add additional creatures or upgrade the existing ones with these abilities. Or create customisable pets. So, say, if you want a pet with healing but don’t like the fairy you could customize a hound or imp with that ability. Maybe give pets ability slots in much the same way items and weapons now have. I’m dog crazy so I’d use the dogs no matter what ability they have and I don’t really like imps or fairies following me around. I generally sell all the ones I rescue from enslavers. It’d be nice to be able to give your favorite kind of pet, whatever that may be, whichever ability you find the most useful.


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So like a gem cutter or engraver for stones…hmmmmmmmm

Im taking that as a spoiler rofl :wink: