Adding attack

Does plus to attacks affect whirlwind or taunt. ?
I have plus 6 attack on my taunting warrior but it dosent seem to be affecting my build

if you are talking about Multi Attack or Extra Attack Chance, those only work on MH Primary Skill, no matter which Item they are placed on. Discordance makes your MH Special Skill the Primary Skill.

Golem. Fantastic info thank you.
So I will need to either get discordant for my whirl wind or switch that stat for some other stat

also, Whirlwind needs Cool Down. if you use Discordance, then you would need Attack Speed.

Discordance also changes the damage you do. so Whirlwind would do Cleave damage and Cleave would do Whirlwind damage. it also affects skill cost. do a Search :mag: on Discordance to see if it will help your build or not.

maybe add Whirlwind Proc? if there is oneā€¦ Whirlwind 40, with +200% on MH with 2 or more +100% Elemental Dmg. , and a few other affixes for more damage. Power Stat makes a big difference with how much damage you can do.