Adding group "parties" to the game with multiplayer

I’ve asked this in the official survey, but I really want this feature, so I espect you guys to give your opinion on this.

So, the main idea is to have parties to invite your friends to play CO-OP and Arena games. This may imply that parties could join games that would invite online members of the party to join in.

This feature could also mean that there would be bigger dungeons and huge bosses for parties to take on.

For the PvP aspect, parties could join games like CTF, Domination, FFA, Team Deathmatch and many others. Party members would most likely be put in the same team for team games. If the amount of party members joining the game would be too big for the amount of players per team, the party members would get seperated, they would not be all in the same team.

Dungeon Quest is an offline based game, so this features are probably not going to be implemented.

On the other hand what could be implemented is playing against an AI toon of your friend or having your AI toons battle each other.

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  1. This doesn’t remove the offline aspect.
  2. The online feature is being debated in the official survey.
  1. But it adds the online aspect. This game does not have online aspect. Even Arena is offline based, because the only thing that is managed online is downloading the gear and specs of your enemy, who then plays against you offline. If you started a match in the Arena and then turned off wifi while playing you could still play, bc the enemy isnt online but its downloaded to your device (of course you would not recieve points after the match). But there is no capabilty of having 2 or more players play the same map or dungeon or arena at the same time together.
  2. Where can I find this survey?
  1. You could still play offline, the game would just ignore the feature when you are offline, and you can play your online games when you are online, this would just add more people to the game, targetting a bigger range of audience. It wouldn’t affect your gameplay at all, just the one of people that are hyped for this feature. And when you have internet, you have it. If you loose it often, just play offline then. There is nothing to be scared of from the gameplay if this comes out.
  2. It is pinned in the “Feature Suggestions” section.

@PeaceDog would love online multiplayer. Mostly so that some kind of trading system could be developed. I have 6 toons full of premium & crafted gear I’d like to offload rather than sell or convert. Some I would like to give away to new peeps, some trade. Loved that feature in Diablo series.

Real multiplayer is unlikely too ever be implemented with in dungeon quest because the devs would like to preserve it’s offline-ness but I do like the idea and I’m sure it’s something they’ll keep in mind for future titles! :smile:


Well they asked if there should be an online feature in the game in a survey. Why?

And again, this would just add to the game, not affecting the offline-ness as you said.

I think I’ll make a post to give out the reasons why this game needs Multiplayer.

Is Shiny Box making another title?! Another loot based game?! :smiley:

That might be why they asked questions as such in the survey!

No as stated in the preamble of the survey it is for a follow up title to dungeon quest not for dungeon quest itself dungeon quest is always going too be prioritized as an almost entirely off line game but that can’t necessarily be said for future titles from the amazing people at ShinyBoxGames! :smile:

The statement at the beginning of the survey:

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I got $20 burning a hole in me pocket for the next Diabloesque title I find on App Store. DQ has held my attention longer than any other app, largely because of the loot system + crafting + game mechanics. Looking forward to more from SBI.

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Ahhh! I’ll still post my thing about why DQ should have an online feature, but with slight changes. I’ll post it tomorrow though, since I cannot post any more topics today.

Sounds awesome! :smile:

Thatd be great… Awesome… Its great to have fun with friends and not just urself, it adds to the exitement… And i dont think it will ruin the offlineness in the game hahah thats my opinion ofcourse

Here: Why ShinyBox SHOULD add an online feature to their current game

Somethimes it looks like I am ranting, but I really am not. I am just giving my opinion on the subject.

They should still add parties to the follow up for having ease to join games :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: