Additional Perks after Eternal Ascension

Hi guys! Hope the devs read this one.

I would like to suggest that the devs grant the players with max level eternal ascension characters the ability to ascend further and granting them additional perks that they can use in campaign.

I was thinking like giving the players stackable perks like the ff:

  1. Damage Perk - increases all damages by 50%.
  2. Defense Perk - increase armor and resists by 25%.
  3. Luck Perk - increases luck and luck cap by 50%.
  4. Fortune Perk - increases Gold find and gold find cap by 100%.
  5. Elite Hunter Perk - +1 Shrine Champion spawn per shrine/well.
  6. Master Perk - +5 all skills and heroic skill cap.(Bonuses only apply in campaign and not in Battle Arena)

Its just a suggestion though.

More power to DQ.

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i would also like that each time we ascend our char becomes stronger (this will inspire more player reach eternal ascend)

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Heroic skill is not working at arena :smile:

Is that so??? Hahaha… But I didn’t only mean number 6 bonus not to be passed also to BA… I meant all of them… Hahaha…

yes :wink:, but have a +5 all skill and heroic as a bonuses will save some mythicstone at pve and save some affix slot :smile: