Advice on improving my rogue?

Really nice PVE build! What would you want to change about it? should be good enough to run 500+ floors with ease.

Some notes:

  1. Stealth is OpOp. You can have 100% uptime by only having +20 Stealth on gear and 60%CD Reduction. Duration should be higher than cooldown OpOp.

  2. Stealth frees you of using any HP (Go full YOLO with 299 power) and set affix pathfinder. that would free 3 more slots

  3. Elemental DMG should be removed. That is useless.

  4. Imo that pet is bad. You should stick to one element unless your build revolves around using multiple elements

  5. You have plagued but your weapon is arcane ( thinking about it maybe it’s the hp your chasing for, but again you have stealth ahehe +1 slot again)

  6. Energy > Fury. For this case of course

  7. 100% WD and 500% ED is what you should aim. So you should just use new bases (Base equipment with Legend ED%) for amulet, head, chest, OH for your MAP CLIMBING.

There are still things I think could be improved but I still have to use math to prove it. But I think this should be plenty enough. Goodluck and welcome to the forums!

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