Advice please

As you can see in my pics this is what I’m running trying to find a better way

Your + set affix is overcapped
The max cap is +4 while you have +6 on your equip!

Weapon dmg % on your offhand does literally nothing except increase the dmg of your bomb secondary!

You have + arcane dmg on your trickster cap, but your weapon uses poison! Change the caps’ element to poison too! I suggest you replace the last 3 affixes on your cap as they are not very efficient.

Mutilate gives +dmg for multi- and extra-attacks, but is, as you have no multi- or extra-attacks on your equip, useless.

With all the procs you might want to use the +10% all proc mythstone and the set that increases dmg if you use spells from other classes (forgot the name). Prismatic would fit into your setup pretty well too.

Try to cap your crit chance (60%) and crit damage (350%) for more DPS.

Also, please tell us what you use this equip for primarily. Farming? PvP?

Farming mainly I use my wizard for pvp if I do any

I’m not tied to that weapon just between the chest and ring that weapon is fun as hell

What is that stats on your mythic bow?
if you can share. :blush:

Give me just a sec how did I know I had a mythic bow?

best bow I have arm that needs work as well

Its a nice bow m8

It’s ok just seem to have a mix of stuff been trying to look at guides, I do really like pistols I have on my other rogue just working to try and find a good bow setup that won’t cost me an ass chunk lol