Advice/suggestions for my floor climber?

I use this guy as a damage beast hireling. Not happy with some of the crystal affixes, but I had to work with the resources I had. Would love to max out the dodge and get rid of the all resists for something else. Thinking about ditching the weapon dmg affixes on the staff for something else, because honestly, the skull shield and crushing flames do all the work. And do I really need 292% blistering? I wish there was a way to easily see what the DOT is, but it seems pretty incredible. Currently at floor 1901 and the little guy seems unstoppable. Any suggestions welcome.

You need max block and dodge. Well 60%. dodge and 45% block at least.

well, Attack Speed doesn’t affect Skull Shield. I notice you are using it for the Epiphany Bonus for DMG, so that is up to you. and you already know All Resist isn’t doing any good, unless you want to switch Magnify to Astral, which will give you more ED based on how much Resist you have.

there is an offhand that can be Jaspered to Wizard that will give you a Skull with +200% WD. I just don’t remember which one it is. you can replace the ED you lose by getting another item that has +100% ED instead.

Skilled only works on MH Primary Skill (Comet on your Build).

that Immolate on the Robe isn’t needed, you already have almost +60% Elemental Crit with the Legend EC.

maybe put one +400% Explosion, so that your Skull Shield projectiles have a 5% chance for each hit to have an AoE explosion. it would make them more effective against mobs.

your Pet would be good in PVP, but at higher floors, those 2 HP affixes are basically useless unless you want to switch your Build to make use of them, like a Blood Magic Build for instance.

a few movement affixes might be better than a lot of Dodge & Block. moving out of the way of attacks while your Skull does all the DMG is good!

since your OH is doing most of the DMG, maybe switch the Skulldrage to another Skill that is usefull for anything that gets too close, like some bosses like to do, or teleporters. I have been using Torrent lately on my Orb, and it does pretty good, even though I don’t have it optimized to do great. since this is your Hireling, have the Torrent set to go off when anything gets within 8 yards or so.


Welcome back @Golem. Missed you :sunglasses:

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add frozen set and take out inferno set make them explode like popcorns and deal with a wham bam explosion damage and add some dodge or block or runnaway skill like vault charge and teleport

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