Affix Clarifications

I would like clarification to the following Affixes, and afterward, maybe this thread could be used as a FAQ.

Wizardry: + To critical element chance… What does this mean?

  • to extra bolt chance: Why is this a “chance” and why does this not add to the stat page DPS when it adds MASSIVE amounts of DPS to the weapon it is applied to?
  • to frostbite: doesn’t seem to do anything at all to chilled enemies, even though it says it does…
  • to drop rate: I noticed no difference in number of drops from epic monsters and bosses, although drops from normal enemies seemed to increase… I guess the only way to fix this one would be to set a % chance for an item to drop from bosses/epic enemies per item (i.e. bosses tend to drop 5 to 6 items, maybe make it to where a boss could have an independent probability for each item to drop, or make it to where a boss would drop 7.5(rounded to 7 or 8) if +50% drop rate items are on, or 10 to 12 items if a +100% drop rate is achieved, after all, the affix was originally named “Item Quantity” right?)

Elemental critical is what toxic, immolate, freezing, and torrent are categorized under. We definitely do need some sort of dictionary for all these terms, hopefully will be accessible soon!

Extra bolt and extra attack should be added to dps formula, so will have to see what’s wrong if it’s not.

Frostbite should be working as well.

Item quantity should actually be renamed to drop rate, since it doesn’t increase just items. Thanks for pointing that out!

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Yeah, the +extra bolt chance isn’t added to the formula, I tested it with 2 level 100 weapons, 1 with absolutely no affix and one with ONLY +chance to bolt…

The affix is actually subtracted from the stat page, I made sure both weapons were of the same element and same base weapon type. Both were gauntlets, and on the DPS page, I lost a large amount of DPS on the weapon with + to bolt chance. If screen shots are preferred I can upload them if necessary.

I’ll take a look. I’m going through a complete refactor of many of the systems, and I’ll make sure DPS is checked again. Will take note of all the discrepancies you have found as well.

Thanks for being so speedy in responses. I do want to note that I have purchased multiple luck boosts and a sigil to support the developers. Keep up the good work! Your work ethic is amazing, and your work on this game is very much appreciated!

Thank you very much for the support! :smile:

Your critical look on our DPS and affix systems is greatly useful for us as well. There’s only a few of us developing DQ, so having extra eyes on what we do help keep us in line :wink:

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You could post all the information on affixes and rerolling on the wiki…

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How does “Amplify” (on the wizard’s hat) work I don’t really understand.

For each element applied on an enemy ( shock, fire, poison, ice ) it multiplies damage dealt to that enemy by 1 + (Dot Count * Amplify Rank * .025)

Dam!!! That’s strong! You could do like 40M dps to one enemy!

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But elemental Dot’s don’t seem to stack, when I apply poison to a enemy there is only one damage counter showing up even after consecutive attacks. How does ice and shock stack is it an internal thing where each time you deal damage with an element you put some sort of invisible stack that counts towards that? Why do you do “*0.025” where does that come from?
Thanks for the answer and sorry of asking lots of questions. :unamused:

No worries, ask all the questions you want, we don’t do a great job of explaining everything in game.

Talent Desc: “Each element applied increases damage done to that enemy by Talent Rank*2.5%”

That’s where .025 comes from :smile:

Yeah, even though we only show one DoT at a time, due to how we show DoTs, we still keep track of how many are on the enemy.

Arcane ( from Ascendent set ) lasts 5 seconds
Fire lasts 2 seconds
Poison lasts 8 seconds
Shock ( in 1.4.1 ) lasts 4 seconds
Ice lasts 8 seconds

All these times are also increased by the Fester talent.

These talents are meant to synergize with high prismatic.

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Thanks :smiley: . Even if it’s a bit hard to understand sometimes it’s still my favourite phone game.