Affix Maximums

I am quite new to this game, but I have already reached a plateau of dropped item effectiveness. I also found a legend armor (sanguine cuirass) with a crystal affix (HP regen almost 2k) which seems good to keep on an item that would give me blood magic (were I to use it). For these reasons I want to start crafting/rerolling stats, but I’m nervous that the crystal affix will drop off, and I also want to be sure I’m maximizing my items’ effectiveness.

Is there a neatly-compiled affix list with maximum values, and also something that describes the different meanings of affix colors? I found some posts which have helped, but I’ve been searching for quite some time (the forum search isn’t as effective as most I’ve used) without finding exactly what I’m looking for. I discovered the blue affixes on legends are “crystal” and their meaning, but what about the orange vs. yellow, or small letters vs. larger, etc. What are the max values of each affix? Why are you still reading this post, when it’s so obviously long-winded and could have been summarized in one or two phrases? Etc.

I always wanted to create a full list of affix caps. But too bad, I don’t have enough free time for it :frowning:

As for affix colors, you can check out this post. It provide almost everything you need.