Affixe %?

Okay, so after hours of enchanting i noticed something :

The same affixes are just coming way more often than other. Ex : hp leech, mp leech, +MP, +HP …

so some questions :

  • Does all affixe have the same chance% to appear ?

  • Does the first affixe you get, change this % ?

  • Is there a particular rank which some affixe can’t appear ? Ex : affixe 5 and 6 ?

Thanks !

If it is a normal ( yellow ) affix, they all have the same chance. If it’s epic ( orange) they have varying chances to occur based on how powerful the affix is.

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Thanks for your answer !

Where can i find these % ?

I have an other question, what’s the % to see a yellow or epic affix ?

They are hidden values :smile:

The % chance to get an epic affix is based off your luck when you Enchant or Find a piece of gear.

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