After 4years farming


Hi. After in a 4years farming I can atatch some photo with more found legend leaderboard take a look at this.

I think all reader with this topic I ask you to share you found legend.


reached 12th place. :slight_smile:




Almost I can’t use for farm nadroji bonus and eternalized’.:flushed: and luck what do you think. @kiane_zaine


@MAGDALO eternalized+crystalline+epiphany with all 225 Luck on Gear. thats my farming build.


@kiane_zaine All of that I can’t except epiphany.


Weapon eternal, chest and ring nadroji, amulet epihany, head crystal,


Epiphany is a must have to get 1012% luck on solo. I use same sets as @kiane_zaine


Currently 2nd, going for GOLD!
I can post my build if anyone is interested. There really isn’t anything all that special about, but I end up with 1012% Gold, 1012% Luck, 350% Item Find. I use a hireling, and two hoard pets.


How many years can you get top2
More more more found legend wow.
I think 7years or 8th right.


No, actually I started playing Dec. 2016, so it’s been about 2 years and 3 months.
Here is a sample of the fruits of my labor.
Gold Obsidian


@DJC I’m interested in your build. Maxing luck and good find with an hireling seems impossible :joy:


Main - Warrior
Lance Hatchet Armor Helmet Ring Amulet Satyre%20Hoard

I switch out my amulet often. It’s usually this one, or with Nadroji (5) when I farm higher floors and am looking for certain Legends.


Hireling - WizardWiz%20Sword Wiz%20Skull Wiz%20Robe Wiz%20Hat Wiz%20Ring Wiz%20Amulet Trickster%20Hoard

Actually I lied, my Total Item Drops is only 349.9% :laughing:



Never heard of patronage as a set affix


I was not patronising you. Your luck and gold statistics are awesome on a 2 character farming build. Congrats.


I know you weren’t, it’s all good! I like your build as well


one of my goals is to get first place leader board for Legend items. I am in the top 100 now…WOW rank 49 with 18.2k Legends Found (I just took a peek at the Leader Board)!!!

Solo Wizard Farm Build with +850% Luck, Nadroji (5), and one Nadroji Bonus. I also have all 6 Perks (I am a proud member of the Eternal Order of Toons). I go back and forth between floor 100ish and higher floors, depending on what I am interested in doing. eventually I plan on using an Imp to speed up Legend drops to move up the Leader Board faster.

I don’t use much Item Drop on my Farm Builds, so that hurts, but other than that, I do about an hour a day playing DQ on average, so I was kind of surprised to see I got into the top 50.

nice, I am neck and neck with @brang in the Legend Found Leader Board, with brang@ in the lead!


There are thousands of Legendary items out there just waiting to be found!