Aftermath in rouge?

Do aftermath work in rouge? Thanks :smile:


Ohh, THANKS! I’m planning to make a rouge build using aftermath set with mayhem or maelstrom set :smile:

Add identity ^^

Also, try using Chakram if you want your procs to activate more often. That’s according to Kcellvirus.

okay thanks :smile:

Maybe they procing more often because of attacks per second and the proc chance affixes on the gear.

Aftermath does work in rogue but it won’t have the meteor hero points for skill and the shatter hero points for skill which may be a flaw. However, he could add a rogue proc which can have hero points on it to do great for mh dmg. Coat and stealth for eg can use hero points which is good for lasting longer and move speed for momentum (5) affix, almost a must have for very high dmg builds.

Talents that will help are deadeye for bonus 20% deadly strike if need be, stealth talent veil (forgot what it does) and dexterity I think it’s called that increases crit dmg by dodge beyond cap.

Identity will make up for the inability to add hero points to shatter/meteor though.

Dextrous increases crit dmg beyond Cap on your next attack by +10% (per rank) on Dodge.

Veil: +2.5% increased dmg (per rank) while stealthed.

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thanks :smile:
need to gather some information about using aftermath in rouge haha :grin: