Aftv: bugs with mana use or regen?

On Amazon Fire TV.
Axe warrior with 20 ranks in that spinning attack.

If I have a particular offhand weapon, I can spin attack pretty much indefinitely. If I switch the offhand to a weapon with more mana regen, mana reduction, etc my mana drops by huge chunks.

I tried to switch out the side weapon and compare my stats, but I don’t notice anything.

I’m basically using this super low level weak hatchet. The only thing noteable about the hatchet I can see is that it’s mana cost is like 80, but this is only paid when using the offhand, right? It’s a very low mana cost compared to anything else, but that doesn’t seem to account for this.

I’ll post with more details. Is there an easy way to export your details?

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Take a screenshot