Ai setup?

Hi everyone What the best ai setup for this warrior ? I just lose 250 points when i go offline …

AI is depend on your weapon or main damage in arena if you didnt use any skill in arena put never use so that the other skill will prioritize
then put HP% to enter Survival mode greater than 70%
and lastly dont follow teamate put it in the maximum yards

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You can get better ai settings or not, you will still loose points in the arena becouse ai controlled characters are easy to beat after 1-2 round becouse you will know how it’s exactly working and use it in your advantage. I don’t think you will be able to setup ai to win you matches at higher division. I can beat everyone but it seems my ai will loose to most people no matter how i would setup it. People are smarter than simple ai settings.

Yes i can beat everyone too … i only want to defend my mmr because i spend my time to get top 5 (i had 1640 points) … just pass 7 hours and checked now im at rank 40+ (1430p) i think my char just dont attack when i go offline …

If i get an battle with you i’ll check if you are doing something. BUT you will loose to people while away and it’s normal. The higher you are the more time you need to deal with people in the arena by yourself.

Ok thanks for your help guys :blush:

the best thing is you should practice you ai in practice mode_ai.

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Scalp- 7 yards. use often as possible.
Toss-8 yards. use as often as possible.

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earthshatter- 1 to 3 yards. use often as possible.

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avoid enemy-0 yards.

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