All the way to the top!

Finally my hard work paid off!


ggratz bro

Chúc mừng :slight_smile:

wow new player new top player congrats mate :smiley:

@Eater ya der are tons of new players now in top league. maintaning top spot would need more effort now. more challenge hope lots of new players also aim for top spot for pvphyped.

someone has to lose. I automatically up top 1 :slight_smile:

im fine at div1 but maybe when I fully complete my build lets go to the top :smiley:

need to play every hour to maintain for the top :smiley:

even having 2.4k+ b4 sleeping was not enough top defend the top spot lol.(though i took the throne once again atm) i bet in few hours ranking would be rearrange again lel. @Eater

@roykiyoy every hour ranking changes haha

let’s stop on the attack to see who is going to occupy the top 1

I will stop actively attack :frowning:

@Cuong27 lel it wont be fun that way.

i ned to keep playin cuz im earning eternal boxes. i got 15atm plannin to open it on high floor for better gears.
(you can take the top spot. since il be reading some manga “the breaker” the plot is pretty good)
@Dweller1987 u ned to switch element of ur pet to lightning since its on poison elem u cant benefit from its 2ked. also switch element trophy to lightning elem for 50resist.(since most toons use lightning)

The one problem I have with arena currently is cerebral vortex. I think it’s just too powerful for something that is effectively the same as reflect damage, just a different form. Takes a lot away from build differentiation as it’s just about a total must to have it.

@Dweller1987 cerebral vortex ben fix and nerf already(the earlier version of it when it was first release was too OP lol) u just gota vault away from it.

im not using cerebral vortex your safe when you meet my character at arena :smile:

Yeah I know it’s been made less op. I just don’t like the skill it’s a big part of my build as it is almost everyone’s :grinning:. I just don’t like it it’s still too powerful imo :smile:

@Dweller1987 its been implemented to counter rogue who use bow/ricochet ai setting avoid enemy 50yards. in 2.0 rogues who uses ricochet and bow build are pretty OP w/ vial since they build full dmg enemy dies b4 dey can even reeach them and w/ silent ders nothing u can do. but now w/ cerebral vortex most of auto attack build are not viable since ul be eating tons of torrent. and other class can counter them just by standing and rely on torrent dmg.

Arena is very easy now, just took me 2hours getting top1 LoL