Allow removal of conditional affixeso once the affix they provide the condition for is removed

I just got a nadroji’s robe and found out that the +all sets affixes do not fulfill the bonus’s which is disappointing but fine (unless it is a display error and they are functioning) but I would like too use the boost too pick up radius from the item cause for my farm build since I am modifying it with new affixes and will be losing a rank of pick up radius elsewhere and I wanted too propose the removability of conditional affixes once the affix that they work with has been removed from the item

If its for a farm build would it not be better to keep the nadroji robe how it is and simply make the conditional affix work as it should
The +all sets does not work, you will need to equip another nadroji piece, at least this is true for me with an ascendants rod i recently found

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