Allow us to change legend, set and crystal affixes!

When clicking on the sapphire crystal (the one that allows you to change an affix to another one) it says below how many are needed to be able to use it on an affix of any rarity. Right now it says you need 1 for everything (but you are not able to change crystal, set and legendary affixes). To change a legendary affix you would need for example 3 sapphires, to change set affixes 5 and 10 to change crystal affixes.

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I agree with this, these Crystals are extremely rare and hard to come by for certain people, and only having a single shot without being able to remove it (unless you want to wipe out all Affixes you have, especially those rare ones you can’t obtain with Rubies) or being able to change it is just quite ridiculous.

The info on sapphire mean it cost -1 to use on the rarity of the item not on the affix.

Yeah, that’ essentially the same… The highest rarity enchantment defines the rarity of the item.