Am I In The Ban League? If So, Why and How Can I Go Back To Normal Leagues?

I’ve recently “hardcore” returned to DQ after 3 years of on and off gaming. Tried out the PvP Tournament and it’s actually pretty fun and refreshing with more tactics. Now, I check the forums and read people being put in a “Ban League” (unsure what that means for those in that League). It makes me wonder if I’m in said League since I keep facing the same characters (names are similar but have different AIs and skills, over the course of 5 minutes continuous matchmaking). Not only that but I keep 1-shotting my opponents which seems highly suspicious. So please help me know what’s up.

Who’s the top 1 players in the eternal player leaderboard?

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eh, is there anything like ban league??? i don’t know about this, how can i check if i’m in the ban league or not?

Again, like f00kee said, check the top three players in arena

If ur in ban league man theres a reason your asking what did u do to get banned just cause u left dosent ban u lol if ur on a new device arena lvl starts all over

No need to be so passive-aggressive “man”. I’m just curious, that’s why I asked. I honestly want to know what might cause me to fall into the “Ban” League, though I’m not saying I am.

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Cheating, having ludicrous gear, outrageous stats, etc.

… and having a braaand, new car! :sunglasses: :blue_car: preeettyyyyy.


Thanks Skaul. You’re my hero xD

Man, I’m my own hero.

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