Am I The Only One?

Sometimes it cross my mind “what if players are allowed to challenge their own heroes to test their prototype builds privately before entering the real match?”. Since AI in practice mode are too squishy to the point where they die instantly by a mere 1k DOT and gives us false hope that we are too OP. What i am trying to say is…

—Fight other heroes in Arena—
`Practice Match
-Test Dummy
-AI Control
-Choose Opponent --> This one allow us to choose our desired opponent from our alts.

I think this mode is relevant since people are testing lots of builds and im sure they have hero that is tanky and is good to be a Dummy. i Hope u understand my point and now i can sleep peacefully. Good day Fellas.xD


I agree. It should have that option.

I have been complaining about this since I started PVP.