An Idea- Combo Skills

Okay, I’ve been looking around the game with my Mage. And it struck me that a lot of the skills look like they are meant to be used together. But what if an update pushed it past that. What if we were given a few more skills… that actually combined your mainhand and offhand weapons? I realize this would take some serious coding, but jeez, it would be cool.

That’s sort of the idea behind Mythics ( new system coming in 1.6.1 ). You will combine mythstones together to create a mythic item, which gives the item a powerful spell or talent.

While creating the Rogue patch, we completely redid the skill system so that new skills are easy to create and place on items, so if you guys come up with any interesting combinations, we’ll definitely consider them :smile:

Awesome! Looks like I have ANOTHER update to look forward to.

Begins tapping foot.

…well let’s revive this.

In some form this exists right now (Projectile + Ambush) and it’s a super awesome mainstay in my builds.

I hope we can have this on every skill as well.


And it shouldn’t have to be too complex. Another example would be the Aftermath set affix. Meteor and shatter gains taunt and fear respectively.