An Idea that Will Help Bottom Line

When a paid boost expires, flash a notice on the screen. This will allow players to buy another boost right away, rather than waiting until they happen to notice.

If a player plays 6 hours, buying boosts along the way, but loses track of time (yes, they can see how much time left by looking in the store, but I’m trying to kill kill kill, not watch the clock), the player might not notice for 10-15 minutes. If this happens a few times in those 6 hours, they might only buy 5 boosts in that session, rather than 6 (one each hour as the previous one expires).

I normally play on the Fire TV, where the only way to see a boost is active is by going to the store. I did load up the game on my iPad, and I see the boosts on the screen before starting a map… this isn’t on the Fire version. I still would love an in game message when the boost ends, so I can restart it.