And there goes my character

Using the cloud backup and it requested I upload first. So, I did. I now have no character files on either the cloud or my device… Help?

I started a couple days ago and grinder to floor 200. A lot of progress I will not be earning again.

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Were you uploaded from a different device or trying to move to another device for play?

When was the last time you uploaded your save data before this issue?

I was attempting to backup my character for the first time. One showed in the cloud already for some reason.

Downloading it erased my character. The one I saw in the cloud is still there. It is a level 1.

Gotcha! I am looking at your save game now. Will email you back in a few!

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Appreciate the quick response, man!

Great support.

Same case for my accnt. When i log in to my dq account and i try to download my maincharacter it erase then i try to upload then only 2 of my character appear.

Sounds like you had an a failed upload when you tried to upload your save game.

If you downloaded the blank data from the DQ Account system it would copy over your data.

Sir how can i retrieve my main character?

If you downloaded the data from the DQ Account screen that did NOT have your main character then that character data is not able to be downloaded again.

Then why my gold my stone my items erase too?? When i play my 2nd chatacter my gold is zero?why??

when you made the upload that was interrupted it didn’t upload your main character. When you downloaded that empty data it also replaced your gold and in game feat progress with empty/new data.

So what can i do to back my main character sir?or to recover my main character and the gold items etc?

When you downloaded the incomplete data you copied over the character on your device.

We only have access to the save data you upload to the DQ Account system. So on my end I can only see the same data that you can.

I cannot restore the character because it is not uploaded to our server.

Ok sir. Thnkyou

Send me an email directly to with the type of character you had (make sure to include your dq account email address as well) and I will help you get back on your feet.

Done sir