Ano magandang item sa rogue

Help plsss

what kind of items are you looking for?

Farming: these are items that help you find a lot of treasure.

Climbing: these items help you kill monsters as you climb higher floors, or delve deeper into the dungeons.

Ascending: these items help you get a lot of experience so that you can get 1 to 6 Perks.

Battle Arena: these items help you win in your battles against other players Characters in the Battle Arena, or PVP.

there are a lot of good Rogue items, but if we don’t know what kind of Rogue you want to create, we don’t know what advice to give.

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PvP arena sir😊

anyone out there with some advice for Rogue Builds for PVP?

@tvarias07 if you can, do a search for Rogue PVP Builds. there are some posts from players sharing their Rogue Builds for PVP. some of them are older builds, but they can be worked on to work with the changes from the 3.0 Patch, and there are others made after the Patch. you can use them or get some good ideas for a build that you create. I am using Wizard for a long time, so I don’t know much about Rogue or Warrior. this is the best help I can give.

Ok sir thank you…:+1: