Another cheater?

How do I do code boxes to minimize the images?


I don’t know much about the higher rarities but do things normally roll the same number like 2080 or 1040?
And for the second set of images… every item on the guy just conveniently has 1040 poison damage…

I don’t know much about the community rules for reporting people. If I shouldn’t have shown his name or other things then feel free to remove this post.

Noted. He will get banned :slight_smile:
Thank you for the report.

Yeah I ran into that dude last night in arena as well basically one shot an killed my 13 streak.

You can manually set width=“690” height=“431” to lower numbers.

The only unusual item i find in your post is the Pet. Epic Fairy shouldnt have Set Affix. First time i saw an epic Pet with a Set Affix.

In arena, stats are decreased.
Originally, the value is 5000 Poison Dmg+ (which is Max stat you can roll)
But since it is in Arena it is decrease to 1040 Poison Dmg+

Same for me, the only “weird” item is the pet, but it might be a bug, if he was a cheater he would have an eternal pet with crystal affix for exemple, not an epic pet with a set affix :confused:

His stuff is legit, any item is craftable like that, not a cheater to me

This is not a bug. The only way to get an epic pet with set affix is cheating them. You are not able to turn an epic pet to a legendary one by adding affixes.

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try investigate first, if it bug or cheat on his pet. if it bug dev can try fix that, if he is cheater then no metter how less he cheat/mod. cheater still a cheater.