Another option for the 'Minimap marker' idea which was previously suggested

Hey guys,

I was going to suggest the idea mentioned in the subject but then saw it had been raised previously. I understand that a Dev stated they couldn’t really implement the idea due to the minimap being cheap from a performance standpoint which is fully understandable.

However, how about an indicator around your character that points to where an item of higher quality is. For example an arrow which can change colour depending on the item which has dropped so Red for legendary ect. Currently it feels I’m missing out on a few legenary items because:
A) They look a bit like health orbs
B) there is so much going on on my screen that when I speed past them they are very easily missed and for me to slow down would kind of defeat the point of my speed running so to speak :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe something that when you go over the green teleporter thing at the end of the map it states how many enemies are left alive and how many items are left on the ground of each rarity type so you atleast know that you have missed a drop. Just brain storming a bit but anyway :smiley:

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I like the idea of a pointer, but I don’t know what we would do if multiple items like that dropped.

It is worth some thought on our end, but given the way DQ currently works I don’t know if we would have a low impact solution.

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Great ideas but with a farming build… Idk if my iphone 6s+ can handle it

Maybe it only happens if you go X yards away from an item. Or, even easier, have a little tune go off whenever one does drop? That way you wouldn’t have the chance of your screen being filled with arrows around your character :slight_smile:

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Or it would show the marker on a minimap only if there isnt another marker closer than ie 30 yards to it. So there could be a lot of legend+ items on a small area but only one marker. Also the option to choose if the marker is shown would be handy.

i think red dot for legends and green for eternal and never mind the other items… it would be just nice and it will not put more strain on the layers of the game…

Sounds good but, that would only lose everybody’s excitement. Surprises are more I good say. Better none.

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