Any Dagger rogue builds out there?

Hey guys,

I jut wondered if there are any good rogue Dagger builds based around PvP? I’ve not long hit floor 200 and about to ascend for the second time so I’m still fairly new so go a little easy on the build and terminology :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ideally let me know what items to aim for :slight_smile:

I’m wanting a bit more of a challenge which is why I want to play the Dagger rogue.

Thanks in advance guys.

I’ve used it a bit when I got an eternal inferno dagger. It works well but doesn’t procc anything nearly as often as the boomerang. Kinda sucked at playing it cause it’s mashing a few buttons fast. While spamming attacks. Seems like you really need a mythic weapon like orb earthquake arc what ever, then your procs and or bleeds. Any combat log you look at has almost no class wrecking faces with their town skills and such. Its all about survivability and skill process.

I’m thinking a dagger rogue that uses blinkstrike as their primary (discordance mythic) + enigma mythic on a vial (coat & stealth), or maybe vanish mythic on a bomb (SmokeBomb), might be fun to try. Go heavy on the power, hit em hard n fast.

That one does sound fun. With the sanctuary thing as well due to me being very much a glass cannon do you reckon?

Dagger is not viable in the current meta(or at least in eternal league div 1).
You’ll do your enemy a favor by blinkstriking to your own death.
And you know what happens next, torrents from cerebral vortex will drain your health.

But im curious to see if someone can actually pull it off ^^

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Oh I think I’m close to it. But I’m working on using haunting with it. Not sure if its going to work so well but if I does I think Angelica won’t be hard to switch into it as well. Not sure I see Angelica being good for anything yet though so that’s a long shot

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