Any early-mid farming build for wizard

Actually I’m a returnee player of DQ…I played before when the PvP system was not released yet but recently I decided to play again…since I started again I need a early-mid farming build that can reached atleast floor 250-300 m3 since I want to build CF build for farming crystals/mythstones then build my endgame build afterwards.I already ascended my wizard and chose the treasured perk and will be picking dealer perk to my hireling.Currently using aftermath build but I’m not sure if I can play in a m3 difficulty…so any suggestion to use that can playable in m3 difficulty?

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any Perks on Hireling don’t work. Dealer needs to be on your Main for both Characters to benefit from it.

farm floors 101 to 110 using Challenge Maps until you get a Stone of Nadroji & Nadroji’s Crystal. this way you can get your Set Affixes up to +5 (Defiant (5)) for example. they can be found on floors past floor 100 by killing Epic+ monsters. you can change the affixes on them as you go along.

you don’t need Gold Find on your Hireling, so that will save space, but Luck & Item Drop do need to be on Hireling. any Farming Affixes, like Nadroji, Crystaline, Mythic, & Eternalized, only need to be on the Main.

early Farm Builds just need Gold Find & Luck. for Mid Game Farm Builds, you are looking for Legend Items you can Craft for your needs.

have Weaken +60% to +90% minimum on your Gears, unless you find an item with Ignore Resist, and Crit Chance +45% to +60% and Crit DMG as high as you can, up to the +350% Cap, if you have the room.

because of the lack of space, your Hireling needs to do most of the DMG while your Main has the Farm stuff and is support for you Hireling.

sorry I didn’t give a specific Farm Build, but every one has their own idea of what a good Farm I have made at least 6 different Farm Builds, and am still not happy yet. :frowning_face:


Yeah untill either you get 2 elixers or the nadroji stone or another +2 to sets i would just go with plagued and druidic, stack as much gold find, luck, blight and toxic and youre gpod to go. If youre running low on mp, go for satyrs spirit