Any good Warrior Build without Bleed?

Can anyone give me some warrior PVP build without bleed? *Sory badenglish

Hmm without Bleed affix Do u want it for Pvp Or Pve.

Have bleed or not, un PvP DoT’s are useless when your enemy has 2 to 3x Perserverance.

Just use Shock Element to stack DMG in PVP and try experimenting on your own . :laughing:

just use toss build w/ enigma hatchet(optional)+living force

or whirlwind w/ blinkstrike proc 2x (use provocation and intimidation talent)

just use scalp for bleed ( some player only got1x perseverance)(some wiz even dont have one )so u still deal 4-6k per bleed (inc w/ lightning element dmg debuf))
+ruptured chest for dmg boost

if ur having problem facing blinking/teleporting toons skulldraga can help u.

dont forget to always have cerebral vortex affix.

use hp on hit crystal (if u go pure power stat)
use 2x myth hp on hit (if u go full hp stat)
for defensive:
reflec dmg(helps proc hp on hit)
1-3x perseverance
add some immunities(stun frozen and etc) depends on ur choice.
for offense discover it ur self.