Any help on my rogue build?

So recently i found two eternal items that work extremely well for me and i would like to know what i could do to use these in a build that could take me to the high levels with all the good stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if the quality isnt good enough, im just trying out some photo merging softwares

Just played around with the photos some more :innocent:

why scattershot on chest? did you amber your MH?

Deyum lvl 100 eternal nadroji.
Lucky mate. :confounded:

Yea ive only had my rogue for a short amount of time so when i got the ring and amulet, i decided that i had to make something from them

And the only things i need from the head and armour are the MP regen and the mythic skills
But here is my design, any changes?

Also i wasnt sure on the talents or special skills

U have too much mp regen, on nadroji robe take out that epic mp regen and stick with legend affix +%ED, for weapon MH try get eternal gun for legend affix +%ED.

Okay, i see where i messed up on the robe :confused: but my main hand needs to stay like that because of the alchemy, its the main peice of the build, so ill use some of the affixes that i filled in and ill replace them with some HP/MP to balence them all out