Any ideas on improving my current farm build?

This build does decent damage on Mythic 3. I can literally just walk circles and skull shield takes everything down and I only have to use orb to supplement damage past level 150. I have been able to get to floor 220 on M3 with this and have been getting on average 8 to 14 legends drop which gets me eternals faster. I haven’t been able to come up with a better build for gold drop and items that does more damage than this. I did start making a Mythical gauntlet but haven’t decided how to finish it. Unfortunately I can only put 1 image up as a new user

put a ignore resist it will help you

On any of the gear?

you can remove the balance affix change it to ignore resist and max the shock dmg to 5000

Thank you.

enjoy the game :smile:

and add explode works on reactor… maybe with earth Shatter as well i dont know if its works on reactor but explode works