Any suggestion to my costumize set

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I have nowhere near that stuff. Why don’t u play the way an setup the way u want to. Brains pple try to use them

It hurts my eyes @.@ too much purple! Change that! ROFL

Well I suggest that u find some gear that has crystalline. I got lucky an found a one in my stash (warrior. Legend hammer lvl34) an. An try to farm for some Crystal gears. But I still don’t understand how to make them yet thou.


lol i feel the same, too much purple.

Would this even be good? I feel like affixs would be better than all mythstones

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Yea from what I gathered in my time here is that mystics was cool when they first Came out. An some are still useful if matched with Tue right affixes. (still noob tho) lolz