Any suggestions?


Can someone help me what build can i use for higher maps like 1000+ up with good dps and maxed out luck and gold find. My character is warrior and ranger. It’s very difficult to survive on higher maps without costing me alot of millions for revive. Thank You for your help.


I tagged you because I know you can give a more indepth answer than what I can give :joy:


Also higher maps gives you more loot and exp than lower right???


In paper, yes they should give more loots and exp to reward players for hiking…
Luck and goldfind also helps alot…


to be honest you don’t need Farming Equipment much past floor 1,000, as that is the last floor for any Legend/Eternal items. also, the space taken up by Farming affixes can be better utilized by placing Attack or Defense affixes, as the monsters are getting really tough with lots of HP and are getting really good at one hitting our Toons. some combination of Dodge, Block, Movement (of any kind), and Sanctuary will increase your survivability. CC effects are good, like stun, freeze, knockback help a lot also. and anything that helps kill monsters faster, so they can’t kill you is really good.
basically, Farming Builds are for Floors 1,000 and lower. Climbing Builds are for Floors 201 and higher. Ascending Builds are for Floors 100-200, depending on how good the build is and if you are looking for any items to improve your build with.


Yup. Also for high floors above floor 1000, its better off using a pure DPS floor climb build than a farm build because of the enemy difficulty vs loot drops. Harder the enemy, the less worth it to get loot as it takes more time, chances to die are higher and already floors after 200 have less gold find and item drops but better legends and crystal drops. After floor 500, crystal tier rarity stops increasing and in truth, it really is best to farm at floor 200 or 500. Higher floors to get the legends unlocked but since dust came, it isn’t worth farming those higher floors after the item is unlocked since its easier to farm dust at lower floors and afford the items.

That being said, I can farm floor 1000 quite easily but I prefer not to.